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Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network


Welcome to the Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network, a network of academics and other interested parties in the world of religion and popular culture. We are interdisciplinary, and welcome members of all disciplines, and all backgrounds, including practitioners from media and faith communities. Our purpose is to provide a space for those interested in the intersections of where religion meets pop culture.


About the Network

The Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network was founded in 2005 by Professors Gordon Lynch and Peter Ward to fill the need for some serious, rigorous academic engagement within the field of interaction between religion and popular culture. The word ‘theology’ in the Network’s title signals that practitioners as well as academics are involved.

It was a live issue to enable exploration of commitment/s (to religion and/or popular culture) in a critically rigorous, academically-satisfying way, in a way which may benefit wider society. A new forum needed to be found for this. TRPCN was born.

The Network therefore exists to broker the best of research into popular culture and faith/ religion/ theology to faith communities, and to encourage rigorous academic reflection (for those of all faiths and none) on issues which arise in society at the interface between popular cultures, theologies and religions.

The Network enables people from a variety of disciplines – not just religious studies, theology and sociology, but also sport and cultural studies, psychology, anthropology, media studies – anyone who has an interest in what goes on at the contemporary interface between religion and popular culture, to examine what is happening in society today. The Network is committed to enabling as wide a conversation as is possible to take place.